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A property in Ibiza is a fantastic opportunity not only as a vacation home for the owner to enjoy, but as an investment that can yield a very attractive return. To get the most from property on the island, it’s a great idea to talk to specialists in the market for honest, targeted advice.

The Cactus property team bring clients a combined total of more than 60 years of experience in the luxury travel and estate market. Working closely with villa owners, our specialists advise on everything from buying an Ibiza property, local legal requirements, development and maintenance through to sales packs.

As a service to owners, the priority is on driving value from their investment. For owners considering offering their property for the luxury rental market, Cactus is ideally placed to help. The specialist advisers will visit the property and recommend any changes required to suit the tastes and demands of the luxury market. Arranging contractors – from interior designers through to gardeners, trusted builders and decorators – is also part of the service. The overall goal is maximising the profitability of the property and to have it work harder for its owners when they’re away either as a long term let or for shorter luxury Ibiza villa rental.

There are legal requirements to consider in Ibiza with rental properties, but the Cactus service extends to ensure all work undertaken on a villa property is compliant and registered, with any necessary licenses obtained on the client’s behalf.

The climate for property sales in Ibiza is every bit as warm as you’d expect given the beauty of the island. Properties at the high end of the price scale are in strong demand. The Cactus team take an active and keen interest to follow listings and sales and can provide realistic valuations. Preparing a property for sale can involve some work, with Cactus able to offer key ideas for improvements that help influence a purchase decision on the island. The obvious benefits from our service are in maximising the property value potential and in speed of sale. Cactus also benefits from a broad network of associates and clients, and can connect potential purchasers with villa owners. A sale can be managed through to completion with our full service sales agency.

Our outstanding marketing team offers state-of-the-art promotion, assisted by the island’s best photographers and drone operators to present a property for rental or for sale. In today’s market it’s the instantly accessible imagery and detailed information online that really help drive interest and show a property to its full potential, so Cactus work with only the most talented creative professionals to ensure a service that makes every estate stand out for all the right reasons.

Clients find the Cactus Property Team easy to work with and of enormous value to help manage an Ibiza property portfolio. It’s a bespoke service that’s open and honest, allowing our clients to concentrate on their core activities safe in the knowledge that their estate or villa is in the best of hands.

Contact us today on +34 971 859 565 (Ibiza office), +44 208 133 5424 (London office) or [email protected]



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